August 24th 2015

Petzl Alpine Catalogue

French hardware manufacturer, Petzl, wanted a rather special shoot to showcase their new light and fast line of equipment. Instead of just aiming to climb one big route, we were to try and link up several mountains in one go to show off how light their kit really was.

In addition we were to be completely autonomous and to carry our own bivouac kit which we were to use as part of our ‘enchainment’. Leaving one afternoon from Argentiere we slept beneath the Aiguille du Chardonnet and spent the next couple of days traversing three alpine peaks (Chardonnet, Argentiere, Tour Noire) and back down to the Chamonix Valley again.

Moving in a small team on this kind of terrain allows me to solo climb, meaning I can capture a lot more product and climb than if I was tied in to a rope.

Dawn on the Chardonnet

Dawn on the Chardonnet

Sunrise on the Chardonnet

Sunrise on the Chardonnet

High up on the Chardonnet

High up on the Chardonnet

Summit of the Chardonnet

Summit of the Chardonnet

Descending the Chardonnet to the Argentiere in the background

Descending the Chardonnet to the Argentiere in the background

Bivy on the summit of the Aiguille d'Argentiere

Bivy on the summit of the Aiguille d’Argentiere

Dawn on the Tour Noire

Dawn on the Tour Noire

Moody sunrise on the Tour Noire

Moody sunrise on the Tour Noire

Summit of the Tour Noire

Summit of the Tour Noire