January 23rd 2011

Rochefort arete and Tour Ronde North Face

Just back down from a very cold three days finishing off the end of my Berghaus shoot. Shooting with Philippe Gatta we managed to brave the cold and get some nice shots taken of their new Active Shells range which they will be launching next winter. Conditions for the moment are pretty much the same as they’ve been for the last two weeks. There are definitely some big lines to go for as well for the moment with the Brenva side of Mont Blanc looking surprisingly good (Cechinnel Nominee on the Grand Pilier D’Angle is looking amazing for the moment).

Reports of the Ginat in perfect condition with first time placements all the way. The Verte is still looking amazing. Oh and Pinnochio is fat as hell right now, though seeing a fair bit of traffic by the sounds of it.

Lots of climbing porn below….

Philippe and Anna Gatta on the North Face of the Tour Ronde

Full moon over the Mont Blanc massif, on the way to the Rocheford arete

On the ascent of the Rocheford arete

Sunrise over the Dent du Geant

On the Rocheford arete, Mont Blanc massif at sunrise

Sunrise on the Rocheford arete

The Rocheford

Dent du Geant and Mont Blanc massif

Winter rock climbing

Winter rock climbing on the Rocheford

Early morning tour under the full moon

Touring in the Geant glacier under the full moon


Approaching the Frontier Ridge at dawn

Philippe and the Brenva basin

The massive expanse of the Brenva side of Mont Blanc

The Alpine Exposures coffee table photo book