February 24th 2008

Breche Puisseux - Periades Bivouac

Its been a while since I’ve updated but condtions havnt been that great and I havnt been out too much…however here are some shots from the last 24 hours. Went up to the Periades bivouac hut and apart from the fact it was a beautiful night with stunning views, there were some parties on the Grandes Jorasses north face (Croz spur). In fact there was another team arriving at the base when we skied past. However its worth remembering that it snowed a few cm locally higher up. for those interested in the NF of the Midi there was a rope heading up the Fil a Plomb but I have no idea if they made it passed the lower section as it is very bare for the moment.

The higest red light disctrict in europe?

If you click on the below images it will take you to a very high res version:
North face of the Grandes Jorasses. Not in great condition but routes that are predominantly rock are ok.

Close up of shroud, very poorly formed at the bottom

The Petit jorasses from below

The Alpine Exposures coffee table photo book