January 12th 2009

Tacul - Supercouloir and Cosmiques icefall

Just got back down from 2 days up high with Will Sim. Conditions havnt changed much and it is incredibly hot in the sun for the moment. Did the Supercouloir direct which was thin but manageable. The Cosmiques icefall is incredibly dry in places and the ice is hollow and dripping due to the sun…not great to be honest. Lots of parties heading up the Lafaille gully though.
Bumped into a couple of guys who had come down form the Colton-Brookes on the Droites who reported bullet ice on the slopes at the start and not great ice higher up either. Matt Helliker and Jon Bracey went up it today so look forward to hearing another report on it

Will Sim on the direct start to Supercouloir

Me on the second pitch of Supercouloir direct, © Will Sim

Will Sim on the Cosmiques icefall

Numerous parties on Lafaille gully

The Alpine Exposures coffee table photo book